A woman I knew..............

Posted by Rick Duskiewicz - New York, NY - USA - on May 12, 2000 at 19:51:25:
A woman I knew taught me my mechanical ways. I can figure out how to take something apart, and even more remarkably, put it back together. 

Because of her, I have some artistic talent. (I know a few of you will disagree.) She taught me colors, shading and when not to let two straight lines meet in certain ways.

In the many years I have known her, she taught me right from wrong. When to fight, and when it was necessary to remain silent.

She encouraged me to go for my locksmith license until I finally decided to apply for it. Loaned me money when I really needed it. When I got older, she gave me advice only when I asked for it.

She was a strong and independent lady, proven to me when she got divorced 25 years ago and had to start up new with three of her younger kids. She went back to her maiden name. She never became famous, but she was successful as far as I was concerned. She raised five kids who turned out to be honest and caring.

I really didn't get to know her as well as I wanted to. I spent a lot of time with her recently, because she wasn't well. I should've spent more time with her like that over the past 41 years. She gave me unconditional love.

This wonderful lady had emphysema, from over 50 years of smoking. I'm mad because she smoked, and I'm mad because I think maybe I could've tried harder to get her to stop. I don't know. It was rough to see her struggling, on oxygen 24 hours a day for the past six months.

I was with her early this morning, and told her I'd see her later in the day. You see, I had to get to work, I was already an hour late. She was doing better, she had a bit of a hard night.

I DID get to see her later. But she couldn't see me. She passed away 30 minutes after I left. Her name was Renee. Renee Shehab.

I miss my mom already.